Experiencing Head Pain Or Headaches Every Day?

headaches everydayNearly everyone gets headaches.

Even when it really, really hurts, almost no one actually has a medical problem causing their headaches.

Lots of the time when people feel like their headache never goes away, the problem is that they only notice how their head feels when it hurts, they never notice the non-headache days.

But some of the time, people really do have headaches every day. Those people suffer from chronic headaches, and they make up roughly 5% of the population. Sometimes these sufferers also experience headache and nausea – a double blow!

Headaches can range from the dull headache that thuds away all day to the sharp head pain felt by “ice pick” type head aches lasting a few minutes.

Painkillers For Daily Headaches

Lots of people take over the counter pain relief pills for their headaches. For a headache brought on by eye strain or poor posture, 2 to 4 hours of pain relief may be enough time for the underlying symptoms to go away, and the headache won’t return. But for chronic headache sufferers, the headache is all but bound to return and when it does the “rebound headache” will likely be stronger than it would have been if you had skipped the pain pills.

This can lead to people taking more painkillers than recommended in a certain time period, which can lead to serious health risks and organ damage. Not all painkillers are created equal, so ask your doctor or pharmacist which medicine is best for you with the medicines or health conditions you have.

Anti-depressants Might Help

Anti-depressant medication has been used fairly successfully to treat chronic headaches. Various anti-depressants, when taken daily, have been found to reduce the number of headache days, reduce the duration of headaches, reduce the pain of headaches, or a combination.

Two of the leading causes for headaches are stress and lack of sleep, and antidepressants help many people to deal with their stress, which in turn gives them a better night’s sleep. Even if you don’t think of yourself as depressed, a mild dose might help reduce your chronic headache symptoms and improve your quality of life. Ask your doctor if this course of action is right for you.

Of course the cautionary note here is that these drugs are not a headache cure

How To Stop Headaches With Exercise

Physical therapy has very high rates of success treating or even curing every day headaches. The colloquial notion that we “store” our stress in our shoulders or jar or neck is not literally true, but it is certainly a fact that people subconsciously clench certain parts of their body in times of stress.

A physical therapist can help you to identify those areas and give you targeted exercises that will both strengthen the muscles and also make it easier for you to notice when you clench them and stop, preventing headaches before they can begin.

A physical therapist may also help you with your posture when you sit or stand. Slouching, hunching over and craning are all common ways to put extra strain on the muscles that support your head, which causes headaches. Your physical therapist will probably also offer massage therapy, which will help to both ease clenched muscles and also to alleviate some of the mental stress which contributes so much to headaches.

Talk to your doctor to see if any of these options are a good fit to treat or possibly cure the headaches you get every day.

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